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Decorating with Natural Elements

Living room with natural accents

Expanding beyond houseplants

Nothing says serenity quite like a home filled with materials found in nature. And while pots of succulents and vases of cut flowers certainly create a peaceful vibe, a variety of other natural elements can go a long way toward providing a feeling of tranquility. Consider the following:

Natural wood. The warmth of this timeless raw material instantly makes a space feel inviting, while adding textural interest. While wood floors and exposed wood ceiling beams may come to mind, you don’t have to go to such extremes to incorporate natural wood into your home. 

The grain patterns in natural wood furniture, including chairs, dining tables, accent tables and bed frames, add character to any room, as does a wood paneled or shiplap wall. Natural wood accent pieces, like candlesticks or mirrors with wood frames help bring the outdoors in. And genuine hardwood blinds or shutters add a richness at the window.  

You could also put your creativity to work by turning old, wooden crates into a coffee table, fashioning a tree stump into a side table, or adorning a blank wall with an interesting branch.  

Ocean treasures. You don’t need a coastal home—or even an extensive coastal décor style—to incorporate the beauty of sea shells, sea glass or driftwood into a room or two. Add carefully arranged driftwood to bookshelves or a fireplace mantel, fill clear glass vases with sand, sea glass and a candle, or layer sea shells in a basket.  

Natural fibers. Natural fibers bring organic style to any aesthetic. While you probably already have natural fibers like wool, cotton or linen on upholstered furniture, extend your line-up with throw blankets and pillows.

Other natural fibers to add to a room include jute and sisal (popular for area rugs), sea grass, for stylish storage baskets, and woven wood shades, which are crafted from woods, reeds, grasses and bamboo. 

Natural stone. Finally, don’t overlook natural stone. Marble-topped side tables, agate bookends or even a river stone soap dispenser for your kitchen counter all channel an earthy feeling.

leather chair and grey cabinets The earthy tones of wood accent pieces warm up a room.

seashells in basket A cluster of sea shells brings serenity to any décor.
Fiber baskets at the foot of the bed. Natural fiber textiles and storage baskets add softness and texture.
stone hand soap dispenser Even a small stone accent adds a touch of the outdoors.

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